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IEMS / Get Fit 2021

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Are you ready to get fit?

We are: “A group of people working together to support consistency and routine - in a commitment to physical fitness. We're working to "earn our shower" - not to just "take" it. Let’s support, inform, and have fun with one another!”

This is NOT your typical fitness challenge. This is a group of determined people focused on improving their health through diet and exercise. No one is going to tell you what your goals should be, but we will help you to figure them out and to keep on track. Whatever your fitness goals, we are here to to cheer each other on and start the year off right!

Once you sign up, you will have until January 10, 2021 to survey where you are at now, set your goals, and commit to showing up and doing your best. We will give you a form to complete that will ask you questions to get you off to a running start.

We will officially get started on January 10, 2021 and work together for four months as we get healthier and healthier into the new year.

Communication throughout IEMS Get Fit 2021 will be in WhatsApp where we can share inspiration and cheer each other on. We will also have periodic video calls and/or virtual group workouts to keep us going.

Requirements to Join

  • A commitment to make healthy choices
  • Willingness to share with our community
  • Access to WhatsApp for group chat
  • Fill out Goal form prior to January 9th (we'll send this to you after you sign up)
  • Before & After photos (to share only within our group)

Josh Warborg

Co-Founder IEMS
Past IEMS Winner

I’m a past winner and founding member of Get Fit / IEMS.  Over the last decade and a half I’ve witnessed the tremendous power of team and tribe when it comes to achieving fitness goals.  This group has been an essential component of my health and happiness for years.

Katya Craven

IEMS Participant

Coming from a highly competitive athletic background in my youth, fitness has always been important to me. Having a supportive community in GetFit that also holds me accountable has helped me stay focused and motivated to set and reach fitness goals.

Time to get started!